Nutrients for total wellbeing

Nutrients for total wellbeing

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While diet, stress and environment play a major part in skin and body toxicity, anti-oxidants are the key to delivering protection against the effects of ageing within the cell. Key nutrients are necessary for cell repair and collagen support.

Oxidative stress not only comes from internal imbalances but from external influences. We wanted to stabilise and protect against free radicals, assist detoxification; resulting in a healthier skin.

Why we need extra nutrients

Good nutrition means eating a wide variety of foods every day and for some of us this is not always possible. As our lives get busier, time for good food preparation is not always our priority.

Women need greater amounts of certain nutrients than men, particularly iron and calcium. Menstruation, pregnancy, lactation and menopause are times of increased nutritional demand.

Deficiencies can occur if the diet is inadequate over a long period of time. Diets poor in nutrients through highly processed, fatty or refined foods cause increased toxic load in our internal environment, congest the bowel and limit the absorption of key nutrients and minerals. Our plant sources of foods are grown in soils with diminished nutrients with farmers adding magnesium, selenium, and zinc, along with toxic elements.

With the popularity of crash dieting and yoyo dieting in Australia, nutritional deficiencies are common, especially among women.

Good nutrition means eating a variety of foods every day, which isn’t possible when on a restrictive diet. Lack of exercise and even excessive exercise, too much alcohol and smoking increase the acidity in the body. Large quantities of foods like tea and coffee with high levels of caffeine can interfere with the absorption and excretion of important minerals.

Another factor that reduces our nutrient uptake is Running Women’s Syndrome and Anxiety.These cause increased cortisol in the body from running on adrenalin and this then breaks down collagen in the skin, exhausts the adrenal gland, causes imbalances in metabolism, thyroid, sleep patterns, and can make us irritable and moody. Increased stress levels require increased supplements including B vitamins, Resveratrol, EFAS, Magnesium and Calcium.

Ageing reduces our absorption of nutrients and after the age of 50 years our digestive enzymes reduce in number, so the importance of getting the right nutrients is important for overall health.

Miss Vitality is a synergy of science, wellness and looking into the future!

Aging – It’s inevitable!

Your skin is the fingerprint of what is going on inside your body and all skin conditions from psoriasis to acne and even aging; these are the manifestations of your body’s internal needs and deficiencies.

Ageing is visible in our appearance with signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and pigmentation, capillary weakening causing redness and uneven texture and tone.

The process of cell renewal happens in the dermis and the dermis is responsible for the skins appearance and skin texture. Most of the cellular activity occurs here as well as collagen and elastin formation.

Miss Vitality – A new attitude to anti-aging!

We present to you the latest and only complete innovative range of Anti-Aging Nutrients for Australian Spa’s and Clinics with TGA approval. With an innovative style and approach, combined with superior ingredients and knowledge, Miss Vitality will set a new benchmark in the Natural Medicine, Beauty and Wellness Industry.

our point of difference

Miss Vitality is SKIN FOOD™

The beauty and skin care industry need the support of high quality nutrients for cellular repair and collagen support. A diet high in nutrients and antioxidants assist detoxification and the result is healthier skin.

The Miss Vitality supplements are the only full range of Australian made Skin Specific Nutrients targeting oxidative damage and free radical damage.

Miss Vitality manufacture Australian Made TGA (made to Australian high standards) complimentary medicines designed specifically for the beauty and skincare industry to support a holistic approach so that todays lady can not only LOOK good but FEEl good too!

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