Who is Miss Vitality?

Who is Miss Vitality?

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Naturopath and Product Innovation & Development

Pamella Zakostelsky, a Naturopath of 15 years, business woman and busy mother of three, often found herself feeling out of balance and lacking the vitality necessary to lead the exceptional life she desired. Frustrated by her lack of energy fuelled a passion that would see her create not only a wellness company, but a wellness movement, inspiring women to be their best and be a positive influence on the world around them.

Specialising throughout her career on the effects of oxidative stress within our body, Pam’s research highlighted the crippling effects that toxins and stress has on our wellness and longevity and as a direct result, the effect that it has on our skin. High acidity in the body causes premature aging. High stress levels, environment, lack of healthy food preparation all deplete our system and we become less energised, out of balance, moody, lack inspiration and loose the glow from our skin.

With these findings Miss Vitality was born; a wellness movement that represents nourishment on a cellular level protecting our cells from the damages we face within our environment, the food we eat and stress levels from every day demands.

Pam’s vision is to inspire people, to light them up and see them bursting with the necessary vitality to achieve what was previously unreachable.

“To become the best version of yourself and to nourish your body’s cells is the ultimate act of self love”.

Pamella Zakostelsky N.D won Best Business in WA for 2011 with her Day Spa and Naturopathic Centre. She is a Wellness Speaker, expert trainer and educator and a wellness advocate.

Pam lives and breathes her brands values and believes that cellular nutrition is the ‘Holy Grail’ to wellness and happiness. The Miss Vitality enterprise exhibits a lifetime’s work and dedication to the wellness arena.


Paramedical Aesthetician and Business Development

Natasha McCrystal is a Paramedical Aesthetician, businesswoman and busy mother of three. In a career now spanning over 20 years in the beauty and skincare industry, Natasha has witnessed the evolution of the industry to incorporate more medical and results orientated treatments. Regularly published in Beauty magazines and widely regarded as a pioneer in advanced anti-aging skin treatments, Natasha is excited at the integration of wellness, into the beauty and skin care industry.

Through her own beauty medi-spa, she has revolutionized the industry and consistently achieves outstanding results for her clientele, gaining National recognition at the Australian Beauty Industry Awards, winning Salon of the year three years running.

Having a genuine passion for life, health and wellbeing, Natasha recognizes the connection between having great skin health and feeling invigorated. The Miss Vitality Nutrient Range is the bridge between science and beauty, it is for those wanting to enhance their beauty regime, reduce toxic damage and free radical exposure and ultimately feel rejuvenated and energized.

“Age Prevention is now here on a nutritional and cellular level… what we do today is the future of our health, the prevention of disease and protection of the cells”.

Natasha has a genuine passion for people and is a strong advocate for healthy living and personal growth. Her mission is to empower women by supporting their health and well being, so they may achieve beyond their wildest beliefs and have the confidence and energy to take their lives and experiences to all new levels.

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