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Miss Vitality Pam Zakostelsky


Naturopath and Product Innovation & Development

Miss Vitality founder, naturopath of 15 years and busy mum of three Pam believes glowing skin is much more than skin deep.

Naturopathy has long realised the interconnection that skin conditions and signs that are evident on the outside of the body are a blueprint to what is happening on the inside. Harnessing the art of using plants to create change in the body, skin and mind; bringing transformation from lacking energy, vibrancy and calm.

She has supported countless women to find balance and vitality that support their lifestyles through naturopathy and Miss Vitality. The one on one consultations Pam offers are holistic and use the 3 step pillar process that addresses hormonal imbalances, detoxify the gut and rebalance the internal systems that deliver nutrients to your skin.

Our customised consultation process is available to you as we help you discover the root of the problem, freeing you into a healthier state of wellbeing and balance!

Glowing health starts from within through the correct plant based medicine from our Miss Vitality range.

Busy mum, business woman and naturopath, Pam often found herself feeling out of balance and lacking the vitality necessary to lead the exceptional life she desired. Frustrated by her lack of energy fuelled a passion that would see her create not only a wellness company, but a wellness movement. Inspiring women to be their best and be a positive influence on the world around them.

Specialising throughout her career on the effects of oxidative stress within our body, Pam’s research highlighted the crippling effects that toxins and stress has on our wellness and longevity and as a direct result, the effect that it has on our skin. High acidity in the body causes premature aging. High stress levels, environment, lack of healthy food preparation all deplete our system and we become less energised, out of balance, moody, lack inspiration and loose the glow from our skin.

With these findings Miss Vitality was born; a wellness movement that represents nourishment on a cellular level protecting our cells from the damages we face within our environment, the food we eat and stress levels from every day demands.

Pam’s vision is to inspire people, to light them up and see them bursting with the necessary vitality to achieve what was previously unreachable.

“To become the best version of yourself and to nourish your body’s cells is the ultimate act of self love”

– Pam Zakotelsky

Pamella Zakostelsky N.D won Best Business in WA for 2011 with her Day Spa and Naturopathic Centre. She is a Wellness Speaker, expert trainer and educator and a wellness advocate. She specializes in skin and vitality, nutrition and emotional wellness so whether it is hormone re-balancing you need or gut health resetting, specific nutrient therapy or stress balance. Pam helps you discover the root of the problem. She also explores the emotional links to imbalance and beliefs around health concerns if this has relevance to your condition.

Miss Vitality founder, PAMELLA ZAKOTELSKY,
is available for custom workshops and speaking engagements


Pamella Zakostelsky Public Speaking Miss Vitality

Pam is an experienced and engaging speaker, she brings her energy (and vitality) for the health industry into all engagements and leaves a lasting effect on yourself and her audience. She is available to speak on a wide range of subjects including her inside out approach to health, beauty and wellness along with being a successful woman in business.

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