The science behind
Miss vitality

An innovative health system bridging wellness and beauty to unleash your true magnificence.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, if we are consuming adequate nutritional nutrients then the body is able to perform at an optimal level.


Your skin is the fingerprint of what is going on inside your body and all skin conditions from psoriasis to acne and even aging; these are the manifestations of your body’s internal needs and deficiencies.

Oxidative stress not only comes from internal imbalances but from external influences. We wanted to stabilise and protect against free radicals, assist detoxification; resulting in a healthier skin.

Increased stress levels require increased supplements including B vitamins, Resveratrol, EFAS, Magnesium and Calcium. Supplements that busy women can struggle to get in their day to day diet due to poor food choices like highly processed, fatty or refined foods. Leading to increased toxic load in our internal environment, congesting the bowel and limiting the absorption of key nutrients and minerals.

As our lives get busier, time for good food preparation is not always our priority.

Women need greater amounts of certain nutrients than men, particularly Iron and Calcium.

The ability to prevent future illness was proven to be governed by the effective protection of the cell wall and the health within the landscape of the cell. All of which involves what we put into our body through diet and nutrition. After Pamella attended the International Congress of Natural Medicine, the protective benefits of key antioxidants and nutrients were headlined at the congress in the prevention of cancer and possible resistance to genomic changes within the cell.

Our research confirmed nutrients with the key constituents in the diet like Tumeric, Selenium, Co Enzyme Q10 and Resveratrol were among the most effective for immunity and cellular stability.

These products are effectively changing the patterns of health within individuals to prevent degenerative raging, reduce inflammation in the body and therefore enlivening the skin.

The Miss Vitality Skin Nutrient System reduces aging of the cell by down regulating the inflammatory mediators, reducing oxidation, strengthening the capillary integrity, building collagen and increasing energy production to bring more vitality to the individual.

Key nutrients assist prevention of cardiovascular disease, protecting against degeneration, reducing inflammatory markers within the cell proven to stop the breakdown of collagen.

Key nutrients are necessary for cell repair and collagen support.

3 Days to Glow Mini Course


The 3 Days to Glow is a FREE short immersion to begin the teachings around inside out skin health with detailed explanations on how things like nutrition, the microbiome, stress, sleep and external factors affect acne, eczema, ageing, and other skin conditions. This is a huge VALUE rich program that will not only help you to make improvements in your own skin and health, but gives you the knowledge to be able to educate your clients on these factors so they see better results from their treatments.