What is the link between diet and acne?

Acne, just like other skin conditions, is a representation of what’s going on inside your body!


It’s important to look at all the factors that contribute to or exacerbate this condition, but for now let’s look at the first and foremost thing to address: diet. Most people know that sugar is a culprit for pimples – we’ve all woken up with one or five after indulging in chocolate a bit too much the day before. But what are the exact mechanisms behind this?


Insulin and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1)

There is a major role between these hormones and SREBP-1-mediated sebaceous lipogenesis (technical term for acne formation). Enhanced IGF-1 signalling is directly correlated with diets high in glycaemic load and dairy.

Glycaemic load (GL): a calculation based on amount of carbohydrates in foods and the effect on blood sugar levels. For more info on GL, visit https://healthengine.com.au/info/glycaemic-load-gl

To put it simply,

High glycaemic load and dairy intake

Insulin, IGF-1

Androgens, mTOR

Increased sebum production, inflammation, keratinization



The milk from most dairy cows contain A1 casein, a protein which causes inflammation, disrupts the immune system and causes digestive discomfort in susceptible individuals. The damaging and inflammatory effects have a direct effect of worsening acne.


So is all dairy a problem?

Milk from goats and sheep contains A2 casein instead of A1, meaning it doesn’t have the same inflammatory action. Goats milk and yoghurt is a good option if you’re after an animal-based substitute to cow’s milk – and it has many other benefits such as helping the body absorb more nutrients from food (cow’s milk is the opposite), has prebiotics and is easier to digest. For plant-based milk alternatives, my favourites are home-made hemp milk, almond milk and cashew milk.



mTOR is also worth mentioning – it’s an enzyme that regulates metabolism and is needed for the function of muscles, adipose tissue and the liver. Elevated levels of mTOR will stimulate keratin, sebum production and inflammation, thus contributing to acne.

Other conditions linked to high insulin, IGF-1, and mTOR are PCOS, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer. Treating acne by improving your diet will in turn reduce your risk for these diseases later in life.



This group of hormones have many important functions in both men and women. Increased androgens in women have a role in acne pathophysiology but are also indicated in other hormonal conditions such as PCOS. It’s best to check in with your GP or naturopath if you have any of the following symptoms as well as acne: irregular or absent periods, hirsutism (hair growth on the upper lip or chin), thinning of head on the head, weight gain or difficultly losing weight. We’ll talk more in-depth about excess androgens, PCOS and their treatments in another blog.


What dietary changes can I make?


Veggies, leafy greens, sweet potato, berries, avocado, nuts, seeds, eggs, fatty fish, green tea are your friends. Search up foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, selenium, antioxidants, vitamins A, E, C and Bs. Prebiotic and probiotic foods are also super beneficial for the skin.


This doesn’t mean giving up the sweets all together – make yummy raw desserts that contain good fats, protein and fibre. These components slow down the spike in blood sugar, and subsequently insulin, therefore reducing the glycaemic load.


Processed foods, white bread, cow’s milk, saturated fats, refined sugars, alcohol need to be reduced or avoided if you want to see results.

Artificial sweeteners are definitely not the answer, as research shows they still raise insulin levels, cause glucose intolerance, cause dysbiosis in the gut and lead to metabolic syndrome.


For phytonutrients and herbal medicine specific to enhancing and fast-forwarding the healing of acne:


Treating acne isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Making changes in the diet is just the first step in treating the problem!


We have to consider other factors to understand the whole picture, such as hormone levels, inflammation, intestinal permeability, gut function, the microbiome, and nutrient deficiencies.


It’s best to see a naturopath to determine which of these factors are at play and how to address them. Contact us on info@miss-vitality.com to book a consult or for more information.


The Miss Vitality Naturopathic Team

You can get in touch with us at pa@miss-vitality.com 

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Spring – A time to cleanse and let go!

Feeling the urge to get that Spring in your Step!


Spring is about transition, shifting and changing and the start of a new season, but also it brings about this air of wanting to cleanse and also wanting to clear out (Spring Clean). 


We may start to notice that, after the hibernation of winter, we come into spring and we feel the urge to start clearing things out. Spring cleaning, cleaning our bodies, cleaning out our pantries, our houses, our wardrobes or focussing on our health (mind and body). 


Spring can also bring about allergies and sneezing with all the pollen movement and as a health practitioner, I really start to notice that some clients are going through an immune challenge, allergies, bloating or a congestion challenge within their bodies. 


As we go through spring, we start to crave different foods, and being able to use those beautiful spring foods like your fresh veggies that are in season, and bring them into our bodies and homes and into our daily life.  Just like Spring Cleaning, Spring cleansing can be really helpful to lower congestion within your body and remove the bloating and the digestive disturbances that happen after the comfort zone of the winter hibernation (and the comfort foods that go with that). 


So get that spring in your step, notice the seasons changing and focus on the shift within us where we want to be able to increase our energy and get back into the exercise and outdoor stimulation as the weather shifts.


Cleansing takes you out of your comfort zone. It’s shifting and changing and helping your organs eliminative congestion or the toxicity that your body has been harbouring possibly by being more stagnant over winter. It’s absolutely necessary though to have that season and to draw inwards and be able to have that cleansing take place.


We need to support our body and the change that’s happening. So the best way to do that is definitely to gain some plant energy into your daily life; through juices; smoothies; fresh salads and fruit.


Miss Vitality has a spring detox and we have naturopath nutritionists that are able to support you to bring about this change to your unique state of health because everybody is different. 


And this is the thing that we can get bogged down in is that when we feel like we want to be able to shift that five kilos or shift to add digestive function into something that we know is more of a healthy space, it’s very individualized. Miss Vitality offers qualified practitioners to be able to support you. We look at your medications, your health status, and then we give you foods that are going to match that. 


So if you’re feeling a bit sluggish after winter and want to head towards getting more active in summer, feeling better in yourself, being able to lose those five kilos or just feel lighter and less congested and be more in tune with your body, then we can help you with developing a program to take your power back.


If you’re not sure of where to start, please get in touch with us. We are here. We’re ready to help you spring clean your body with the Miss Vitality Spring Detox or you can check our free energy training here


You can get in touch with us at pa@miss-vitality.com 


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Sleeping Beauty – Why Sleep is important!

Want to know why people say get your ‘Beauty Sleep’?


Our skin is able to repair and restore itself at night. It makes new collagen when you sleep which prevents wrinkles and helps promote a glowing complexion. As well as the production of Melatonin which is known for its anti-aging properties.

As Deepak Chopra states, it’s one of the most overlooked keys to vibrant health.

Sleep plays a vital part in your overall health and is just as important as healthy eating and exercise.

Most of us know the impact poor sleep can have in our life. Weight gain, obesity, lack of concentration and productivity, memory loss, increased health risks (diabetes, heart disease, dementia and high blood pressure), reduced libido and can even be linked to mental health conditions like depression. Not to mention the impact on your immune system, leaving you susceptible to acute diseases such as cold or flu.

On the flip side, good quality sleep can reduce stress, improve your immune function, repair your bodies cells and tissues, maximise your performance, and enhance memory function. As well as, reduce sugar cravings and boost your mood

In our modern world, there are many things that can interfere with a good night’s sleep, including the use of technology which can interfere with our body’s biological sleep patterns. Sleep deprivation can result in a weakened immune system and cause chronic inflammation, which is linked to many diseases

And sometimes even if you get those 8 hours a night you may wake up still sleepy and groggy. This can be an indication that you need to review your lifestyle and sleep rhythms and find out if you’re getting the recommended hours of deep sleep each night.

The National Sleep Foundation guidelines recommend between 7-9  hours sleep a night for adults. It’s not just about quantity but also about quality so creating a good sleep routine can help you get quality sleep.

Some healthy sleep tips to help to create a good sleep routine:

  • Eat dinner earlier rather than later and keep it light (no midnight munchies!)
  • Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake, try a clean tea
  • Take a warm bath or shower to relax
  • Listen to relaxing music
  • Disengage from electronics by a certain time at night or at least half an hour before bed
  • Meditation
  • Exercise (even a simple walk can help)
  • Sleep in comfy sheets (high thread count for softness on the skin) and a good mattress.
  • Maintain a similar sleep routine and go to bed at the same time each day.

Support your sleep and restore your skin, with an Elixir, Marine Collagen with Zinc and Magnesium.


If you would like to take the next step in boosting your health and vitality book a free clarity session now.


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The TruthBomb on unhealthiness nobody wants to speak of!

Low energy & lack the feeling of balance and vitality…. does this sound like a familiar conversation?
A lot of people are only now just beginning to see that they reside in unhealthiness and imbalance and are open to risk of ongoing illness, health risks and fatigue. Nutrition, the microbiome, stress, sleep and external factors can affect your skin health and result in acne, eczema, ageing and other skin conditions.
This is often ignored or we become frustrated with treating it and not arriving with the GLOW everyone seems to be talking about like the Holy Grail! The result here of taking no action is a cascade of the imbalance internalising further soon to manifest and come out in another part of the body and the illness can worsen. Often this congestion in the skin can relate to high cortisol and the effects of something much more going on in the body than eating too much sugar, while this can play a role there are other barriers to reaching the Glow we seek.
Fatigue and stress are a common syndrome we deal with and ignored can lead to exhaustion and anxiety, ignored yet we are told a lot of nonsense that involves feeding you the wrong information and sending you on literally a wild goose chase to find the Holy grail for Glowing Skin and a Vital Body.
Wild Goose chase? Sound familiar? It did to me and I was completely over it and if I did make that line in the sand and stop it, my outside world would have been a disaster zone. The whole thing came down to this…
It’s the culmination of many micro-actions and macro actions that build up an ecosystem in and around you that creates results.
You don’t just do anything by doing it once… the gym, the musical instrument, the marriage, the marathon training. No you do it and do it and practice and then stretch yourself and have someone there like a coach or a teacher, someone who holds you accountable then you go to the next level, you dig deeper, you train longer, you push harder and go harder than you ever have before. Then you also stop listening to TRASH, that people tell you about health when they don’t have any idea about real science or experience. You stop following the flash in the pan new diet trick or sexy juice. You go within and you find your authentic radar for the real deal and get led by someone who knows what they are talking about. And you stop listening to the excuses that keep us stuck and have someone you trust to do that too.
You eliminate these problems in health and you soar! And you find boundless energy, you see the energy in your body as a foundation for all success and achieving connection to your body and yourself, you live life instead of surviving it.
It’s a framework to get across this gap and its bridged with years of proven experience in this field and with energy, hormones and science of living the way we can Thrive.
Heres the first bit… A great leap… a chance to really face this stuff and this time not alone while your hating on yourself after looking in the mirror. No beautiful, this time you can take the step with the knowing that someone has got you because you’re committed to doing what it takes because you know deep inside you damn want something more and you are going to get it! Yes please.
Im happy to be that someone if it feels like you’re drawn to make a shift now, and really commit to this change.

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Glow – from the gut – out.

Gut health has been a huge buzz word in the health industry for the past few years, but what does it mean for you? Usually, when someone mentions gut health we think of the good bacteria and think – oh but I’m already taking a probiotic. It has come to light it is not only the balance of good vs. bad bacteria in our digestive system that influences our health but the diversity of our gut bacteria, also known as our microbiome. For healthy skin and vitality, we need diversity of good, anti-inflammatory microbes.

The bacteria residing in our gut (microbiome) weighs a whopping 1- 2kg! The majority of us have around 160 different species of bacteria, with everybody’s microbiome being individual, like a gut fingerprint! We have pretty similar microbiome make-up to our closest relatives or people we live with – and you are about to find out why.

But first, what does our gut microbiome do for us? It regulates our immune system, normalises our bathroom habits (number 2’s!), manages our moods, controls our metabolism, controls blood sugars and insulin sensitivity and produces short-chain fatty acids – which have anti-inflammatory effects. As you can imagine, lack of diversity in our gut microbiome can lead to implications such as; obesity, increased risk of allergies, skin conditions (acne, eczema & rosacea), poor blood sugar control, auto-immunity and total body inflammation. It’s a no-brainer to nourish your microbiome to promote your health & vitality.

So we have your “to do’s”, and “not to do’s” to optimise your gut microbiome.

The “not to do’s”:

  • Consume food additives & artificial sweeteners.
  • Have a home full of toxins – think of switching up to low-tox cleaning products, remove synthetic “nice” smelling fragrances, drink clean, filtered water and clean beauty products.
  • Eat produce without washing off the nasty microbiome killing pesticides! An easy way to wash fruit & veggies is to add 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar to a sink full of water to soak your produce in for 15 minutes. Then, rinse (scrub if needed), dry and store to enjoy.

The “to do’s”:

  • Eat colourful whole-plant foods.
  • The magic number is 40! Try to consume a diverse range of plant-foods, with the goal of 40 per week. This may seem huge, or daunting, however a red apple and a green apple count as 2 different foods. So reach for those purple sweet potatoes and leafy greens varieties you wouldn’t usually include on your plate.
  • Incorporate polyphenols into your diet daily! Polyphenols are plant compounds that health benefits of; reducing oxidative stress, decreasing inflammation, reduce high blood sugars & cholesterol, promote healthy digestion and even promote optimal brain function. Some foods to choose from include; blueberries, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, black/purple grapes, red cabbage, purple sweet potato, red onion, broccoli, red & black quinoa and black olives. The darker the blue/red/purple the more polyphenol compounds.
  • Eat prebiotic foods. Prebiotics promote and feed the indigenous bacteria that already reside in your gut. Prebiotic foods include; asparagus, banana, garlic, globe artichoke, leek, onions, yacon root, beetroot, broccoli, chickpeas, red lentils and kidney beans.
  • Include prebiotic-like foods, which increase the abundance of specific beneficial bacteria. These foods include; almonds, green tea and dark cocoa. So yes, dark chocolate is good for your microbiome!
  • Integrate fermented foods into meals where you can. These include; sauerkraut (from the fridge section only!), kvass, kefir, yoghurt and kombucha.

As you can see from what influences our microbiome, why people living together share a similar microbiome profile!

This may seem like a lot to add to your diet, huh?

But you can pack a punch into one serving!

Try this smoothie:

  • 1⁄2 frozen banana (prebiotic)
  • A handful of fresh or frozen blueberries or raspberries (polyphenols)
  • 1⁄2 – 1 teaspoon of Miss Vitality Elevate Organic Greens & Reds (here we not only have greens but polyphenols, prebiotics and prebiotic-like foods)
  • 300ml of water or almond milk – or quantity as desired. o And blend!Please get in touch with our naturopathic team if you have any further questions on gut health or how to test your microbiome diversity.

The black leather gloves

It was 3 degrees this morning, friggin freezing and I was so so cold even rugged up in all my winter glory. I was getting my almond cap at the funky cafe across from where I work at flow. The days I go there I dont move for about 8 hours except to gather food and water and stretch and move to circulate my blood and then back into writing and working from a designated desk… no home comforts or other distractions. I was going to pay for my coffee but I couldn’t get to my cards as the beautiful leather gloves I had chosen to wear that morning were making it impossible to manoeuvre.

I really love the way the black leather gloves were making me feel and reflected this morning on how they made my son feel…. he wasn’t in the mood for anything and continued to tell me that I thought I was so cool and powerful in these black leather gloves and how I should stop thinking I was cool. For me I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought mmm they do look really cool and so I proceeded to use my hands as I spoke and felt fabulous that I had owned such gloves. I felt even more fabulous because I’d been able to keep them for a period of three years without them disappearing into the same abyss the socks in our house go to where there are never lifelong partners …. they are merely a love affair for a short time. Probably if I didn’t use these black leather slim fit gloves every day the story would be one of brief romance but for today they were together and they were possibly the coolest thing this morning being 3 degrees.

My son’s comment made me wonder “What is it that in coming out in a way that is stylish or beautiful or loud or healthy and vibrant could ever be a bad thing“. Yet it leads me to wonder about the society we live in and how we should all just fade into the same shade of colour. This morning I felt different in those gloves, not really from the actual accessory of them but because I have got so much more comfortable of late being in me…. being in the essence of me and standing out.

The more you commit to being you and getting to know you, the greater your life becomes because you not only tune into your body and your life but you are the fuel for your life…standing out in your life! So as my son was talking I held the space and I hope that today he had a moment when he realised that standing out is the greatest thing we can do for ourselves because it means that you’re not just settling for the same colour of life as the next person…. You’re just being out there grooving to the sound of your own drum or the stand out style of those well loved and looked after black leather gloves.

Shining your light always gives others permission to shine there’s… Today give yourself permission to shine.

I want you to connect into our Elevate community and in doing so share the space with some women like you that are connecting with their brightest self.

The Little Hijacker

I don’t know if you saw my video yesterday…if you didn’t here it is again


So, I’m over in Huntington California and I’m doing a big marketing course which is awesome; we have been given the assignment to do a video on our business page live. I am with my gorgeous buddy and we head to a beautiful beach, down onto the sand and get ready for my Facebook live.

Halfway through the live, I hear a mum yelling at her daughter… it was so loud.  Then out of the corner of my eye, I see this mum rushing back and forth and back and forth to the kid on the beach carrying the bags and towels and she was bothered!  The next minute she yells “Get in the car you little shit!” and I immediately wanted to laugh. I wanted to laugh because for a second I was embarrassed that it had happened while on my live, but then I refocused and came back to what I was saying…in that moment of the chaos around me I finished the Facebook live. As I thought about this later I was like “wow here I am on a beach in California and I’m talking to my clients, who I know are tired exhausted and angry at their kids, and frustrated with their lives, their body and their health and I have this woman who I could essentially connect with screaming at her kid”. I thought how I could have got in that moment completely hijacked and gone off track, but instead, I chose to allow what was happening around me and keep on the path.

This is what is going on for my women. The women I help always have these areas in their lives that hijack their health and vitality. They have food cravings, demands of children, they have worry about what they look like, or stress that leads to exhaustion and essentially it hijacks them and their life. But me being present yesterday and not hijacked allowed me to see that we need to become aware of what the first step to learning or changing something is. In your health how are you being hijacked?

Now I want you to go over to our page and see if there is some hijacking going on for you and check out our website and when you get there put in your email and name and this will be the first step to free your health and vitality.


Pam x

Morning rituals to empower your day and change your life

Most of your reality is not a given. It is shaped by your expectations, beliefs and thoughts you have formed about what your reality should be. A big chunk of these beliefs and expectations are encoded into habits you integrate in your daily life. The most common trait of highly successful people is the recognition of the power they have in co-creating their reality through changing the way they think, believe or expect their reality to be. One of the most effective ways of changing our belief patterns is through practising and maintaining daily rituals.


Here are some the easiest yet life-changing rituals you can do every morning. Of course, you can have your own afternoon or bedtime rituals, but morning rituals are extremely effective in empowering your day since they help you charge yourself before it all starts.

1. Gratitude
Feeling gratitude and appreciation for those little signs and moments of joy happening in your life is probably one of the most overlooked or underestimated rituals. The real power of gratitude is that it makes you pick out and focus on what is working in your life – what is in tune with your being as a whole. It reinforces happiness and positivity by shedding light on those awesome things, small or big, that grace your everyday living. You might be grateful for an unexpected visit from an old friend, a beautiful encounter with a kind stranger, a new opportunity or whatever it is that shines your way. Do it every morning and see what happens during the day.

2. Write down your most important tasks 
Start your day by identifying and writing down from one to three of the most important tasks you need to complete during that day. These tasks are ones which support important long term goals that are aligned to your purpose, passion or general direction in life. What is important with this ritual is that you identify these tasks and complete them as early in the day as possible. This step will also prioritise and manage your time better.

3. Hot water with lemon
Simply add a slice of lemon in a glass of hot water and drink one every morning. Apart from being a good source of vitamin C and a great way of flushing out toxins in the morning, it balances and maintains the PH levels in the body, reduces pain and inflammation in joints and knees and helps nourishing brain and nerve cells.

4. Rise earlier
The practical advantages of waking up early include that you gain more time for doing exercise such as walking, cycling or yoga, more time to be with yourself to reflect, meditate or, more importantly, carrying out the other morning rituals! It has been shown that sleeping early and waking up early helps the body attune with the earth’s circadian rhythms thus promoting more restorative sleep. Studies also show for instance that early risers tend to be more optimistic and can anticipate and solve problems more efficiently than the norm.

The clever way to consume calories

The worst trap in which people always caught in is the belief that calories are the only reason why they gain weight. Having that in mind, they think that the only way to lose weight is to reduce their daily calories. Of course this is true, but that is not the end of the story. The thing is that the calories from healthy fats aren’t equal in value with those from sugar.

So, generally, cleverness is not only people related, it is also food related! Specifically, there are calories that fill people’s bodies with energy without adding harmless fat in it and that fat is the one we need. These calories are the clever ones and you should start consuming whether you aim to lose weight or just want the best for your health and body!

All foods have calories

Calories are everywhere and that is not a bad thing! Because of them we can have energy and face our daily routines with strength. They are necessary and our body needs them for necessary functions. However, some people are afraid of consuming calories or they are obsessed with counting and tracking them, believing that they have to avoid them in order to lose weight. Nevertheless, there is a half side of calories’ history that is as bright as their benefits

What are clever calories?

If someone is used to following a diet with refined, processed and high sugar foods, they have no chance for weight loss. Their body would store these fats and they wouldn’t have the possibility to burn all of them. But if the individual  prefers to consume healthy fats, lean protein and carbs, they can eat a lot more food and lose weight at the same time!

The secret is that all of us should prefer to eat foods with nutritional value rather than the ones which have nothing to offer us, but stored fat in our body. And these are the clever calories, which are included in foods with sometimes high amount of calories or high amount of fat. The point is that we need this kind of calories and fat!

What should you eat?

Did you know that there are hormones which control metabolism, losing or gaining weight, mood and hunger? These hormones are influenced by the food we eat. If you choose the right food, you will see your life changing! Here’s a list of foods with clever calories:
– Fruits and berries
-Seeds, nuts and peanuts
-Olive oil, coconut oil, butter from grass-fed cows
-Whole grains (brown rice, oats, quinoa)
– Meats (lean beef, chicken breasts, lamb)
– Dark chocolate

How to be a positive sparkle in a world full of negative people

Negativity can be unpleasant for all in social situations, even for those who deal with it well. It is such a simple way to have a dampening effect on another person’s mood and impact the behaviours and actions of others and even yourself, whether you like it or not. The way you let these negative energies impact your day will set you apart from those who choose to focus on the negative over the positive. Wearing a big smile versing being cynical shows you have to power to decide what “mood team” you will belong in and portray your resilience and sparkle to others. You may even be someone else’s reason to smile that day.

There are a few simple tips for you to implement a positive mindset and avoid negativity.


1. Create a positive social environment

It is widely recognized that friends are your second family and you may even interact with them more frequently than your own family! This shows how essential it is to choose the best ones and the ones who bring out the best in you, the ones who will respect and love you, who want the best for you and people who will lift your spirit just by being around them.


2. Embrace optimism

Being willing to embrace change and being optimistic about situations will bring returns and expose you to new opportunities that may benefit your life and mindset. There is no reason to believe that you cannot do things before you try them or thinking that if something will not go well that there is no point even trying. You will learn lessons about yourself and others and create a new journey through new adventures through being optimistic and trying new things that will allow your sparkle and positive attitude to naturally shine through.


3. Accept the fact that you are not perfect

People make mistakes, people have flaws and under no circumstances are people eligible of doing all things right. You are one of them and accepting that making mistakes is a part of life that helps you learn will bring about positive change to your mindset.


4. Be the change that you want

Negativity is not only related to others, you may have a negative mindset because something happened or even you woke up that way. The above are absolutely normal, but you can change your mindset in those situations. Wake up every morning, smile and say “thanks for all that I have”, listen to your favorite songs, enjoy your coffee or tea and eat your breakfast. Take this cheerful mood to your work, too. You will be the change that everyone around you can benefit from.


5. Do not be afraid of letting go

Plans are cancelled, relationships are falling apart, attitudes are being proved to be wrong. Three steps: accept it, let it go, go on. This does not mean that you do not care about these situations or the people involved, but that you care for your wellbeing. Eliminate negative situations from your life to reach happiness and focus on making yourself the healthiest and happiest version of you that you can. As they say, you can’t love those and the world around you until you love yourself!