Skin Academy Revolution

Skin Academy Revolution

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Course Description

Our intensive Skin Academy Revolution course is your all-round Skin Vitality crash course.

In the beginning we created a range of products to empower skin specialists and therapists to change the outcomes of what we as skin experts see day to day. Now we have designed in support of this clinical range, a holistic approach to treating skin that empowers you to change your client’s skin, body and life. By supporting you with the necessary tools and philosophy that has been proven by experts in the science of skin and phytotherapeutics, we will be coaching you in that missing link that makes the consultation process easier for you and your team members. We will assist you in gaining a true understanding of the client’s overall skin picture and the triggers of their condition.

In years of clinical practice we have seen the amazing results from combining nutrition with plant medicine at therapeutic levels, with dietary considerations – Miss Vitality Founder, Pamella Zakostelsky, will work with you to engage with the client and provide a true understanding of their lifestyle and condition. We will be coaching you in providing a consultation that opens up the conversation around dietary habits, energy that delivers to and from the skin all our nutrients and addressing gut health to steering the client towards the positive changes that will have an impact on their skin. As a consultant in my industry for many years I have seen the client benefit from this process and transfer of knowledge to empowers them to live with vitality.

“As a Qualified Naturopath and Nutritional expert of 20 years, I have seen the dramatic effect that nutrition has on our skin and our body. After all, every cell in the body needs nutrients to communicate. If we are to change the outcomes long term in our client’s skin, we must focus within.”

We know from years of industry research that nutrition has been the missing link to skin vitality, so we’ve begun a movement to bridge this gap in education and plant based skin nutrient prescription. We want to build a support network for practitioners in the industry. Through Skin Academy Revolution, we’re aiming to empower those practitioners treating skin conditions in their practices to bring about confidence and wisdom in prescribing, influencing and educating the client on what next steps they can take to allow the change to take place.

The Skin Revolution Academy is an online self-paced learning intensive, covering the 6 most important topics when it comes to treating the skin from within.


What you will learn

Empowering – Knowledge – Phytomedicine

  • Join the revolution that is taking over our industry right now and bridging the gap between science and beauty, and learn the key benefits of eating your way to radiance and vitality.
  • Understand the foundation of integral nutrition and how this can impact the treatment outcomes in our skin condition and ensure success.
  • Learn the key ingredients that can impact aging, inflammation, collagen production and cellular nutrients.
  • Discover how plant based therapeutic medicine, phytomedicine, can influence cellular energy to reduce inflammation and bring about vitality in the skin.
  • Learn to empower your client to bring about holistic and long-lasting change in their lifestyle under the guidance of an expert with 20 years in the wellness and nutrition industry, Miss Vitality Founder, Pamella Zakostelsky.

Who will benefit

If you are a Skin Therapist, Dermal Clinician, Clinical Manager, Plastic Surgeon, Skin Expert, Laser Technician, Naturopath, Aesthetic Practice Manager, Nutritionist, Aesthetic Nurse or Medical Practitioner. This is a must to deliver the difference in your treatments and bring about holistic long-lasting results for your clientele.


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Admin bar avatar Pam Zakotelsky

Miss Vitality founder, naturopath of 15 years and busy mum of three Pam believes glowing skin is much more than skin deep. Naturopathy has long realised the interconnection that skin conditions and signs that are evident on the outside of the body are a blueprint to what is happening on the inside. Harnessing the art of using plants to create change in the body, skin and mind; bringing transformation from lacking energy, vibrancy and calm. She has supported countless women to find balance and vitality that support their lifestyles through naturopathy and Miss Vitality. The one on one consultations Pam offers are holistic and use the 3 step pillar process that addresses hormonal imbalances, detoxify the gut and rebalance the internal systems that deliver nutrients to your skin.