Skin Academy Revolution

$797.00 per person

Intake NOW OPEN! Early Bird Price till 15th October! Taking Registrations for our next Skin Academy Revolution starts October 28th 2019


We’ve developed a foundational model to bring consistent and regular knowledge to our partners, enhancing the skin nutrition modality in our clinics. Understand the therapeutic properties of plants & supportive protocols for common skin complaints to chronic skin conditions and how as therapist we can assist. Join me in the next academy 4 WEEK INTENSIVE Online to be consulting with confidence along with this new found knowledge.

This educational support system is the opportunity for you to continue to grow and learn the latest in skin nutrition while acting as the clinical owner, manager or staff member in your practice.

This fun and nourishing way to learn incorporates online and in-person learning, in a group webinar once a week for 4 weeks,  empowering you to become a Holistic Aesthetician. For our deepest skin nutrition knowledge; immerse yourself in a hub of like-minded professionals within Skin Academy Revolution.

Transform the internal landscape of your own skin, body, and mind through the Miss Vitality system, which along with lifestyle rituals shifts us to a place of confidence to treat your clients. Having experienced the first-hand cleansing, supporting and nourishing benefits you can take these tools with you to train your staff to a new level of knowledge. Your clients will receive the latest skin nutritional modality in synergy with your aesthetic practice.

Encouraging self-care from the inside out using nutrients, movement and self-loving & caring practices on a community scale. 

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About Pam Zakostelsky N.D :

Miss Vitality founder, naturopath of 15 years and busy mum of three Pam believes glowing skin is much more than skin deep.

Naturopathy has long realised the interconnection between skin & body. Signs which are evident on the outside of the body are a blueprint to what is happening on the inside. Harnessing the art of plant medicine in order to create change in the body, skin and mind; brings transformation in the areas of skin allergies, stress, hormonal disruption, gut disorders relating to the skin condition and lack of energy. To allow our skin & body’s own ability to heal itself through educational knowledge and support with the Skin Academy Pillars, allows you to take your clients to a place of skin vibrancy and calm.

Pam has supported countless women to find balance and vitality that supports their lifestyles through Naturopathy, Live Blood Analysis, Saliva Hormone Testing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and the “Miss Vitality Range”.

Pam seeks to also teach people about the rituals and practices of nurturing through lifestyle change to the body and skin. With science strongly supporting this way of treating the skin, Pam break’s it down to be a dynamic yet easy modality to integrate into your skin clinic or salon.


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