Journey to Thrive

$397.00 per person

Be inspired to open up the time to take back your vitality. On this journey you will move from surviving to thriving. Be supported by nourishment that is specifically for you and what you need. Be in Balance.

Behind the creation of Thrive is my belief that vitality is everybody’s rightful experience. Whether you are here to heal your body for good, overcome a weight challenge, or you want to have less stress and more energy for business, a job you love or for yourself and your loved ones or whether this program is to feed your soul. I assure you that you are in the right place. This program is about you. Your relationship to food and why we choose or crave certain foods, why we feel at times out of harmony. I will teach you how to look after your own health with vitality and inspiration and how to you can begin to master it, so you can Thrive and not just survive.

I will share with you the wisdom and experiences that last, that assist us to live and breathe vitality and be inspired.

See you soon

Pam x

Thrive includes:

  • A health assessment and 1:1 consult with me to tailor the program to your current health position
  • Education on nourishment, detoxifying, gut health and food guide that is essential to energy & balance
  • Delivery of support, supplements, guides and recipes to you whilst you focus on your people and/or business
  • Learn new habits that will change your wellbeing now and in the future & discover the most ‘Vital You’

About Pam Zakostelsky N.D :

Miss Vitality founder, naturopath of 15 years and busy mum of three Pam believes glowing skin is much more than skin deep.

Naturopathy has long realised the interconnection between skin & body. Signs which are evident on the outside of the body are a blueprint to what is happening on the inside. Harnessing the art of plant medicine in order to create change in the body, skin and mind; brings transformation in the areas of allergies, stress, hormonal disruption, gut disorders and lack of energy. To allow our body’s own ability to heal itself often taking us to a place of vibrancy and calm.

Pam has supported countless women to find balance and vitality that supports their lifestyles through Naturopathy, Live Blood Analysis, Saliva Hormone Testing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the “Miss Vitality Range”. The one on one consultations Pam offers are holistic and use the 3 step pillar process that addresses hormonal imbalances, promotion of the body’s ability to regain balance and support the internal systems that are capable of building antioxidants and the effective delivery of nutrients to your skin & body.

Along with this physical and mental aspect of healing, Pam seeks to teach people about the rituals and practices of self love and nurturing that are important for emotional wellbeing, including using the Breath. Bringing happiness and calm to body, skin and soul.

A customised consultation process is available to you as you journey to help discover the root of the problem, freeing you into a healthier state of wellbeing and balance!

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