Feeling the urge to get that Spring in your Step!


Spring is about transition, shifting and changing and the start of a new season, but also it brings about this air of wanting to cleanse and also wanting to clear out (Spring Clean). 


We may start to notice that, after the hibernation of winter, we come into spring and we feel the urge to start clearing things out. Spring cleaning, cleaning our bodies, cleaning out our pantries, our houses, our wardrobes or focussing on our health (mind and body). 


Spring can also bring about allergies and sneezing with all the pollen movement and as a health practitioner, I really start to notice that some clients are going through an immune challenge, allergies, bloating or a congestion challenge within their bodies. 


As we go through spring, we start to crave different foods, and being able to use those beautiful spring foods like your fresh veggies that are in season, and bring them into our bodies and homes and into our daily life.  Just like Spring Cleaning, Spring cleansing can be really helpful to lower congestion within your body and remove the bloating and the digestive disturbances that happen after the comfort zone of the winter hibernation (and the comfort foods that go with that). 


So get that spring in your step, notice the seasons changing and focus on the shift within us where we want to be able to increase our energy and get back into the exercise and outdoor stimulation as the weather shifts.


Cleansing takes you out of your comfort zone. It’s shifting and changing and helping your organs eliminative congestion or the toxicity that your body has been harbouring possibly by being more stagnant over winter. It’s absolutely necessary though to have that season and to draw inwards and be able to have that cleansing take place.


We need to support our body and the change that’s happening. So the best way to do that is definitely to gain some plant energy into your daily life; through juices; smoothies; fresh salads and fruit.


Miss Vitality has a spring detox and we have naturopath nutritionists that are able to support you to bring about this change to your unique state of health because everybody is different. 


And this is the thing that we can get bogged down in is that when we feel like we want to be able to shift that five kilos or shift to add digestive function into something that we know is more of a healthy space, it’s very individualized. Miss Vitality offers qualified practitioners to be able to support you. We look at your medications, your health status, and then we give you foods that are going to match that. 


So if you’re feeling a bit sluggish after winter and want to head towards getting more active in summer, feeling better in yourself, being able to lose those five kilos or just feel lighter and less congested and be more in tune with your body, then we can help you with developing a program to take your power back.


If you’re not sure of where to start, please get in touch with us. We are here. We’re ready to help you spring clean your body with the Miss Vitality Spring Detox or you can check our free energy training here


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Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash